FRN Client with advanced linking possibilities
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Auteur:  asymcon [ 27 apr 2016 10:33 ]
Berichttitel:  FRN Client with advanced linking possibilities

I'm currently in a process of estabilishing FRN network in my home town, as well as stable FRN server running on 100Mbps connection with private IP. However current FRN client lack many very useful abilities other IP-Gateway radio services offer (such as Echolink), but only FRN can be used on non-HAM frequencies.
For example, OP should be able to remotely link a FRN node through radio to another network using DTMF. Or voice announcement on who's connected (spelling out callsigns, just like Echolink). Remote solo connection to nodes or entire conference rooms would be great too (with auto disconnect when QSO inactive for more than 5mins).
Are there any plans for such remote control?


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