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There are 2 recent releases of AlterFRN-cleint:

2020-11-24 , revision 6460:
- Fixed error with processing time range in parameter TimeRange(10.10) in section [Hours] (10) and in the parameter TimeRange(11.13) in section [Informer] (11) .
- Fixed processing error DTMF-commands NET( and CONN( in section [Radio] (3) when the sound of confirmation (courtesy) is muted EnableCourtesy=No(9.4) in section [Sounds] (9)
- Added parameters EnableDisconnect(9.28) and SoundDisconnect(9.29) into section [Sounds] (9) to voice the fact that the connection to the server was broken.
- Added command audiospeedconfig (0.4.24)- to measure the start time of the audio subsystem for input (capture) and output (playback) of sound for audio devices from the configuration file.
- Changed behavior when executing parameter SquelchSettlingTime(3.12) - now the countdown of the delay time starts at the moment of the actual start of audio input (capture) after initialization of audio equipment for audio input (capture). See also command audiospeedconfig(0.4.24) , showing the real delay for turning on your audio equipment to input (capture) audio.
- Fixed a bug that occasionally led to the broadcast by the AlterFRN-client the silence towards the server in a very poor internet connection.
- [Only UNIX/Linux] Added support GPIO on widespread USB sound cards CM108/CM109/CM119/SSS1623...
- Added parameter InGainK(2.33) in section [Audio] (2) - digital gain in the input sound path from the radio station.
- Added command audiolevelgain (0.4.25) - display the input sound signal from the radio station similar to the command audiolevel (0.4.4), but taking into account the parameter InGainK(2.33) in section [Audio] (2) .
- Fixed buffer pool exhaustion error when reading very long sound files (ERROR: READER: Execute: pointer buffer underflow).

2020-10-17, revision 6378:
- Added parameter BackupServersFileName (8.15)in section [System] (8) to explicitly specify the file name and path for the saved addresses of the backup servers;
- Added parameter DynamicPasswordFileName (8.16)in section [System] (8) to explicitly specify the file name and path for saved dynamic passwords;
- Added command setmanager(0.4.18) to write address and port to the client config fileFRN System Manager;
- Added command setauthpass(0.4.19) to write a new static password to the client's configuration file;
- Added correct handling of connection to hidden networks (rooms) AterFRN-servers ; see also server network (room) optionHidden(s.4.16) ;
- Added value ID(8.7.4) for parameter LogClientList(8.7) in section [System] (8) to add the server client identifier to the fields of the list of connected clients;
- Default values ​​for parameters InQuality(2.3) and OutQuality(2.11) in section [Audio] (2) changed to HIGH(2.3.4) - high quality;
- Added parameter LogExec(8.18) in section [System] (8) to manage the logging of the start of all external programs (scripts);
- Added parameter LogDtmfCommands(8.19) in section [System] (8) to control logging recognition and execution DTMF-commands;
- Added parameter InvalidStaticPasswordScript(5.12) in section [Server] (5) to be able to automatically [re] request a new static password;
- Changed decoder DTMF signals with the ability to decode the tones with a duration of 50 milliseconds;
- Added parameter MaxRecordTime(12.8) in section [Recorder] (12) to limit the maximum size of the recorded file;
- Fixed the absence of a waiting interval before retrying to connect to the server when receiving connection refusals from the server;
- Added parameter RxTxHookScript(5.13) in section [Server] (5) to run an external program (script) at the beginning and end of sound messages from the server and to the server with the transfer of the callsign, name, location, country, range and description for the speaking correspondent to the script;
- Fixed a situation where the client could not be terminated normally if the sound card freezes, which sometimes happens, especially when using USB sound cards. Now, with this completion, all output lines PTT(3.1) , LIGHT(3.3) and STATIC(3.11) are guaranteed to be inactive.
- Added command down(0.4.21) force all output lines PTT(3.1) ,LIGHT(3.3) and STATIC(3.11) in an inactive state, which is sometimes useful, especially when using GPIO...
- Added description to the parameter ProtoShortFrames(5.14) - control of the mode of short sound packets of 40 milliseconds.
- Added description to the parameter ProtoListFormat(5.15) - control of the mode of transmission of the list of connected clients from the AlterFRN-serverto the AlterFRN-client.
- Added more scrupulous check of critical parameters of the client configuration file.
- Added parameter ProtoSpeakerInfo(5.16) - enable the cache mode of the list of active clients for modes ProtoListFormat=NONE(5.15.1) and ProtoListFormat=COUNT(5.15.2) .
- Added parameter GsmPassMode(2.30) in section [Audio] (2) to organize a gateway of two clientsAlterFRN without unnecessary audio re-coding using virtual sound cards AudioLoopback(UNIX/Linux), Virtual Audio Cable and the like;
-MS Windows: Added command ansi(0.4.22) - get the name of the current ANSI character encoding for your MS Windows;
-MS Windows: Added command charsets(0.4.23) - get a list of available character encoding names for your MS Windows;
- Added parameters EnableServerBOT(9.24) , SoundServerBOT(9.25) , EnableServerEOT(9.26) and SoundServerEOT(9.27) into section [Sounds] (9) - control of the transmission of service sounds to the server and other clients before and after the sound message from the radio station;
- Added parameter IdNoSoundListFileName(3.17) into the section [Radio] (3) - name of the file with the list of client identifiers, incoming sound messages from which cannot be played;
- UNIX/Linux: Added parameter MessageHookScript(7.4) into section [Message] (7) - the name of the external program (script), which is called when receiving text messages;
- Added parameter LogCache(8.21) into section [System] (8) - managing the logging of events in the cache of the list of active clients;
- Added parameter InDtmfQualityThreshold(2.31) into section [Audio] (2) - the quality threshold of the input DTMF-signal in conditional percent, necessary to receive the signal as correctly recognized.
- Added parameter InDtmfSilenceThreshold(2.32) into section [Audio] (2) - input signal level threshold, below which DTMF-decoder considers the input signal as silence and does not try to decode DTMF-signals.
- Fixed bug with the sound reader when reading some files. See also section [Sounds] (9) .

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