New version of AlterFRN-client r7094 / 2021-12-31
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Auteur:  damages [ 30 dec 2021 16:51 ]
Berichttitel:  New version of AlterFRN-client r7094 / 2021-12-31

2021-12-30, revision 7094:
- A new version AlterFRN-client :
--- ATTENTION !!!! AlterFRN-the client is using the version of the library portaudio v.19.7.0 from 2021-04-06, which names audio devices under Linux another way. Sound device names may change. Use the audio (0.4.2) and audioconfig (0.4.3) commands to check and / or update valid audio device names. On the MS Windows the filename for the library has changed: portaudio32_2.dll...
--- Fixed problem starting daemon AlterFRN-client with command parameter daemon(0.4.11) on Linux together with the established PulseAudio...
--- Fixed the problem of deactivating the output line PTT(3.1) in some circumstances when using the service disconnect sound from the server. See also parameters EnableDisconnect(9.28) and SoundDisconnect(9.29) from section [Sounds](9) .
--- Fixed the ability to set incorrect values ​​in the field BandChannel(1.3) from section [Auth](1) in mode ClientType=GATEWAY(1.2.3) .
--- Fixed a bug in the output line CONNECT(3.18) .
--- Changed the masking scheme for field separator characters (:;) inside field values ​​for describing control lines (3.4) - it is necessary to use the preceding '\' character, the '\' character inside values ​​must also be masked.
--- Added the ability to set special sounds ROGER(RADIO EOT)for specific correspondents and / or gateways. See also parameters RogerSoundCfgEnabled(9.30) and RogerSoundCfgFileName(9.31) from section [Sounds](9) .
--- Added parameters PttEnable(3.19) and CosEnable(3.20) per section Radio(3) for initial setting of control lines PTT(3.1) and COS(3.2) respectively.
--- [Linux-ARM only] Added new port interface for control lines GPIODEV( in addition to the declared deprecated interface GPIO-SYSFS( . To activate the interface GPIODEV package needs to be installed gpiod and the library libgpiod2...
--- Added commands network(0.4.34) and networks(0.4.35) to get current information about networks (rooms).
--- Added commands pttstatus, cosstatus, radiostatus(0.4.36) to check the current mode of control lines PTT(3.1) and COS(3.2) .
--- Added command serverlevel(0.4.38) - show the level of the input sound signal from the radio station taking into account all the settings of the input sound in the configuration file.


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