New interface design
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Auteur:  digitalradiohacker [ 18 jul 2017 03:37 ]
Berichttitel:  New interface design

Hi guys!

I have been using FRN and other programs for quite a while, and have always made my own interfaces. People keep asking me to make interfaces for them, but making these on Veroboard is time consuming and quality is low.

I am now designing a more professional interface that will have some improvements.

I have created a Facebook page for this design here:

I also make Youtube videos on this and other radio subjects:

I have a website mostly for digital radios such as Tetra:

OK.. Time for a question.
Does anyone else have a problem getting DSR or CTS pins on Serial to work under FRN?
I have been trying my own USB to serial interface, as well as commercial FTDI based adaptors.
NOTHING seems to work so far. Are we stuck with VOX? Does the program have a problem?

Auteur:  Leon01 [ 01 nov 2023 17:48 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: New interface design

I recommend this one

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