Competition Radio Problems - let's ban PTTs
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Auteur:  ClintBarton [ 23 mei 2018 05:24 ]
Berichttitel:  Competition Radio Problems - let's ban PTTs


I can't think of a single competition I've attended where we didn't have at some point someone blocking the radio safety channel for very long periods of time with their permanently transmitting radio. It's usually impossible to tell who the culprit(s) are from the heavy breathing, grunting etc so invariably the same pilots do it on several tasks. This is obviously dangerous for comp safety as most pilots just turn their radio off/down after getting fed up with it. What is clear is that the problem lies with the separate PTT buttons (Push-To-Talk) that some pilots like to use. I can see the need perhaps for an external PTT button if you are a guide trying to help/shepherd novice XC pilots along but in a comp? So I think we should ban/prohibit external PTTs in comps for all the pilots not in the safety committee. What do you think?

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